The AntPro Website was set up by Pacific International Insurance Ltd with the help of Key Industries Ltd www.keyindustries.co.nz so that Biosecurity, Councils, Industry and home owners could find Professionally Trained and Insured Pest Control Businesses and Operators that know how to carry out ant elimination treatments.

Key Industries have invented and tested over three years, a new product in New Zealand that when applied correctly by a trained professional will eliminate ant problems for up to twelve (12) months.

The Trained Professionals on this site have successfully completed a Training Course on ant biology, their foraging habits and how to inspect for them. They have also been trained in the correct application of the Biff Ant programme and have purchased special equipment that cannot be used for any other purpose other than to apply Biff Ant.

These are the Pest Control Industry Ant Specialists. You should only choose a Trained and Insured Professional by booking your ant treatment via this website either by phone or by email.

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