The Biff Ant Programme

The NEW Biff Ant Programme has been designed specifically, in NZ, for NZ conditions and proven effective in a 3 year test programme.
It has proven efficacy against all ant species in NZ including Argentine and Darwin as well as outdoor cockroaches. One programme application will be effective for months and up to 1 year.

The limitations of using one product as a 'stand alone' control method have been shown over the last 10 years to have severe limitations. In consideration of both indoor and outdoor environments a number of products have been incorporated into a 'total ant control strategy', called the Biff Ant Programme. The leading player in this group of products is Biff Ant® which can be used on all exterior surfaces including trees, lawns, concrete paths and exteriors of buildings.

Biff Ant is a bifenthrin - based product developed by Key Industries and Renovo Technologies as a surface treatment specifically for the control of ants. It has been designed to overcome the difficulties experienced by current surface treatments when working in New Zealand's outdoor environment.
Variations in ph, organic content, uv breakdown, wash-off, heat and repellency have contributed to ant control being very limited by current spray and bait application.
Over three years of replicated trials and field studies have shown and proven that Biff Ant is capable of giving very good long term control where previously this was not possible.

Some Key benefits include:
Has no repellency to ants. This is important as ants are very mobile and will move quickly over or along a selected highway or area.

Has immediate knockdown on sprayed ants and long term residual effect.

Is stable under a wide range of soil (ph) and weather conditions.

Is capable of knock-down over a long period of time. Due to ants instinct to preen each other Biff Ant can be transported and passed to other ants not in the immediate sprayed area.

Is a suitable companion product for use with baiting programmes.

Is effective on a wide range of pests including but not limited to spiders, flies, mosquitoes, fleas and cockroaches.

Has been manufactured, tried and proven in NZ.

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